Before Farwell came into existence, there was a small settlement to the northwest known as Posen. The original site, laid out on a five-acre tract in lowlands, was not too well picked as it had a tendancy to go under water when the stream came up. Flood waters and a disastrous fire caused the citizens to look for a new town site and in 1893 all remaining buildings of the old town were moved and thus became the “Village on the Hill”. The name of the depot and post office were changed to Farwell, a Danish word meaning “good-bye”, and in this instance, said to signify a “good-bye to Posen”.

Farwell Athletic Club (FAC)

The FAC is not just a sports site; it is a portal to a way of life, both past and present. It is a way to celebrate Farwell. whether you live near or far from Farwell, you will enjoy the Farwell Athletic Club and what it stands for. For more information visit www.farwellathleticclub.com.

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